Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013

Happy Valentine's Day--much love to everyone!  I honestly can not believe how fast time is flying by.  My studio had a very busy 2012 holiday season where I spent my most all of my time creating custom mug orders.  Still working on the ones that came in late December and January.  I think I'll enclose a few pictures here, I try to get some pictures out of every batch out of the kiln if possible.

 Custom pair travel mugs with silicone lids (custom order).

Custom pair of coffee mugs, ordered by BFF's for eachother.  How awesome!

Purplelicious travel mug - custom.

Custom soup mug "Breathe"

 Custom purple soup mug (over-sized coffee mug).

Hey, I've been thrilled with glaze mixing results lately!  My new favorite is the agate glaze with two other (unnamed) glazed where the kiln alchemy turns them into gold.  LOL...for me they are gold. I'm so excited about these colors because they represent EARTH, WOODS and SKY.  I'm thinking of calling this glaze combo "Ohio Woods," how does that sound?

 New glaze combo  "Ohio Woods"

Also been going bead crazy making tons of beads for pendants and earrings.  Hearts galore!  I really love to make beads!  I've got them listed in my Etsy shop and most of them on my own website too.  New earrings also! 
Ceramic candy hearts created using laser decals (3 firings,
bisque, cone 5 high and then cone 04 low again.)

  Ceramic candy hearts using letter stamps; high fired to cone 5.

(Link to my Etsy shop listing for these earrings).

 Oh, I have to add a photo of Buddy playing in the snow!  He brings me such joy!  

Big stick?  Check!  Snow?  Check!  Life is Good!  Wheeeeeeee!

"...And here's my serious look"  Buddy Brower

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!  I'll be buying chocolate tomorrow for 50% off.  Yes!


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