Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time to get serious, people!

I stayed up late last night because I took an afternoon nap. Happened to flip on TV and went to check out Larry King Live's show. Well, Larry wasn't there, but Wolf Blitzer was and they were showing live video footage from Gaza where the Palestinians and Israelis are fighting again.

Honestly, I don't understand this conflict anymore than they are both fighting for their Holy Land. I'm not diminishing this terrible conflict; but it really pisses me off! There are so many wonderful, beautiful people being killed in this quest for Holy Land. Enough already!!

Earthlings--what kind of world do you want? I'm sure you've noticed that things are changing. This is the outside reflecting what is on the inside of us. Many of us have not been too happy about how things have been working. Why are there still hungry people in the world when an elite few get a Christmas bonuses in the millions? Why the heck are there still wars and fighting going on?

Everything that was previously in the dark is now being exposed so it can be cleared away. In order for change to happen, material "institutions" such as the economy, government and religions will need to be shaken up. Think about when you clean your house. Things get shuffled around, piles of dirt are collected and cleared away. Our society is changing because we wanted this to happen! So, it seems really scary, but it is for the best!

NOW, as we're in the middle of it, we must remember to visualize the world that we want! Bring love into your heart and it will erase the fear. Love is stronger and it will win. We have to remember that the dark knows it's losing and is struggling to keep control. I believe there is much more love & light on our planet right now than dark. See planet Earth in your mind and just coat it all over with our Divine Mother's pink light of unconditional love! Ask that it seep into every being on our planet!

So, what do you want? "World Peace" wonderful, but be more specific! How about humans working together to build a healthy world economy? Sharing their light and love with those who are ill or hungry? Thinking about the other person and how they are feeling? People living life and enjoying it instead of working just to survive? Each person living life doing what they WANT to do instead of a day job just to pay the bills? Healthy, vibrant friends and family? Sharing, caring, honesty, clean & green living? "Think globally and act locally" is one of my favorite phrases!

It's time to get serious, step into our power and blast our love and light all over this beautiful, sacred planet!!


  1. Greetings from Italy, good luck

    Hello, Marlow

    happy 2009

  2. Yes, if everyone could just make an effort to help, I'm sure you're right that change could happen. The problem is most of us don't know where or how to start--visualizing change is one tactic, but actions can multiply. Last year I joined, a microfinance group that provides small loans, and am delighted with their work.