Monday, July 27, 2009


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4. JD WOLFE (Jen)

5. Song & Branch (Karen)

6. Judi Tavill

7. Sweetpea Cottage (Jannett)

8. TMusichans - Todd

9. Morris Pottery (Denise)

10. Barb Dunshee

I'm so happy that I found Etsy!! I've met so many wonderful artists through this site and I'm very grateful. Please click on the pictures of the artwork you find here, it will take you directly to their Etsy shops! These friends are all from the Etsy Mud Team, of which I'm very honored to be a part.

Artist's names, in order of pictures:
1. Charity Elise 2. Judy B. Freeman 3. Amy Hunt 4. JDWolfe (Jen) 5. Song & Branch (Karen) 6. Judi Tavill 7. SweetPea Cottage (Jannett) 8. TMusicHans (Todd) 9. Morris Pottery (Denise) 10. Barb Dunshee

REMEMBER--click on the pictures!

P.S. - Did you see my post from July 2nd? Here's the first post that I did with 4 Etsy Mud Team members!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quick trip to Florida

Last week I took a quick trip to FL to help out my little sister who just moved down there from CT. I was overwhelmed by the heat, even though I knew it would be very hot. My northern body just does NOT do well in extreme heat. Anyway, the beauty of the ocean and the tropical plant life really struck me. Suddenly, I could see how artists naturally take in their environment and incorporate it into their art without even realizing it. I wanted to sculpt the trunks of a particular palm tree by the time I left! I am looking forward to returning in the winter! Let's see, I'll dig up some pretty pics for you...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Coil, Pebble & Spiral pots--glazed!

Hello! If you've been watching the progression of some of my new pots, I first mentioned two large coil & pebble pots after they were bisqued fired, and then as I was glazing them with black underglaze to bring out the stamps and the textures. Well, here they are glazed! Each one was layered with many different underglaze & glaze colors, then wiped off with a wet sponge to give them a weathered look. There's something elemental about these pots, I can't keep my hands off them--tee hee!! The pebbles make you just want to touch them for some reason. They're both listed in my Etsy shop and in our store in Troy. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Muddy Friends!

I've met wonderful friends through Etsy and the Etsy Mud Team. In this post I'm going to share a few of them with you! They are all wonderfully talented women and I encourage you to check out their shops full of beautiful artwork!

(no particular order...)
1. LoveArtWorks - Kristin
2. LadyMudWerkes-Margarete

3. TerraWorks-Terri

4. Mudgoddess-Kathy

In the studio...glazing

Happy Thursday, it's almost the holiday weekend for those of us in the U.S.! I just came in from my studio and thought I might share a couple of pictures. I've got 2 new coil & pebble pots that I bisque fired last weekend, so they're ready for glazing.

I've decided to cover them in black underglaze first, then layer other colors on top of the black; continually wiping off the glaze with a sponge. I want them to have a real "whitewash" or watercolor type of effect.

Here's the first stage...just put on the black tonight. I'm posting a "before" and "after" shot so you can see how much it helps bring out the stamps and the textures. (Nice towel, huh? Note to self, move towel next time! Actually there was a purpose for the towel, it was there to protect the bottom of that bowl from some black glaze on the wedging board). Too fun!!