Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring fever...

Greetings from Ohio, USA! It's so beautiful and warm out today! I've been sitting outside with my bathrobe on, reading a draft of my "book" that I've started writing. My warm fuzzy blanket covered my legs to keep them warm as I sipped on hot coffee.

Keep seeing crows around me lately and I would like to figure out what they represent. I spoke with a Shaman last night and he said crows have different meanings depending on how many appear to you. Usually it's just one, but today there were 3 in a group. They kept coming and going, and flying directly over me! My tears welled up as they did this and I felt the love they were sending my way. After the 3 left, the 1 crow kept coming and going, landing in a large tree near me and calling. Then he would leave again, and come back 10 minutes later.

My willow tree who blesses my pottery studio with her long loving branches has bright green buds already! This makes me very happy. :-) Her name is Gaia and I love to give her Reiki hugs. This helps me connect deeply with Mother Earth.

Just came inside to get something to eat for an early lunch. Opened up all the windows in the house to bring in the fresh air. It's almost 70 degrees (F) already! This is quite a shock for us in Ohio in March!!

Have a wonderful day!

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