Sunday, August 2, 2009

Labels & Masks

I've been thinking about "labels" lately. You know, like how people label eachother in order to put them in a nice, neat category. "She's the wild one" or "he's a nerd." I can see this clearly living in a medium sized town where many people know one another, sometimes for their whole lives. This makes me crazy. None of us are good or bad or funny or angry all the time. There is no black or white, life is gray. Growing up, my sisters and I were taught to be "good girls." Meaning, be nice, don't show your anger because that's not good. I'm sure my parents had this behavior instilled into them too. But it's not good to hold things in all the time. You have to take off the mask and show yourself for who you are. Personally, I get tired of people thinking I'm so "nice" all the time. Sure, I have alot of empathy and I can't stand to see anyone (even a fly or ant) suffer; and I try to be pleasant to people when I can. But, I get angry and cranky and pissed off like everyone else!

Then, of course you have your cultural labels, like "Americans are rude, Italians are dirty, French are wimps", etc. I don't even want to get into racial and regional labels. Why can we all accept eachother as we are? We're imperfect, all of us. We're connected and we're family. Please take off your masks and I'll try to do the same. It takes honesty and trust.

We live pretty much like slobs, Terry and I. We both work full time, but find great joy in our creative passions. So, when we have free time we like to go to our studios and create. We don't really cook, clean, weed, dust, or do laundry until we have to. We're also "allowed' to be "selfish" because we don't have kids, so we are able to focus on what makes us happy instead of raising children. In a perfect world we'd be able to spend all of our time creating our passions and have a housekeeper, cook and gardener to do the rest. But, we don't and I have plenty of guilt because I can't do it all (Terry doesn't). I laugh to myself when I see all of our neighbors tending their lawns and flower beds while Terry and I have weeds growing through our gravel driveway and we're both in the studio. What can I say? Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a sink full of dirty dishes, but I'm off to my studio. Screw it.


  1. Wow, I'm feeling some kinship here!

  2. I love it! We need to embrace the differences among all of us. I LIKE to work in my garden...doesn't mean everyone must enjoy their yards. I don't like cleaning anymore...DH la differance (as you can see, I can't spell in French let alone english! LOL

  3. You go girl; being put in a box has never made me a happy camper and trust me it has been tried a lot...growing up in Texas in the 50's and 60's being 1/2 Mexican was a truly interesting experience so it hard for me sometimes to witness the placing of others in a box...

  4. Right On Dancing Diana!!
    One of the principles I try and live by is: No Judgement.
    Who am I to judge anyone? I have no idea what another person walks around with during their day or lays their head down with at night, and unless that person chooses to share a part of their life with's none of my business.
    I was told by someone a hell of a lot smarter than me that acceptance is one of the keys to living a full and happy life in this diverse world and I have taken that to heart.
    Living life in a "universal love" way is not always easy, but it has also been pointed out to me that I do not have to like everyone, or everything that is done by others, but I do need to look below the surface and see the basic human being underlying it all.
    Great blog post....
    :) your muddy soul sister

  5. Okay now for the real comment about how nice Diana is! LOL. You all do not work with her. I do! I love her, she makes me laugh everyday, (and psst you have not seen her pissed off. It's an ugly sight. Reminds me of the exorcist, with the head spinning around. LOL. Diana I told you I would post a comment here! Giggles :)

  6. very well spoken. ditto it all. and, i had to check my apt quickly for hidden cameras as your last paragraph fits me totally. i've outgrown my little one bedroom apt what w/my projects and all. i really need to just commit to moving to a larger apt when my lease is up.