Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crop Circle Clay comes in with Springtime

Last Fall I had the inspiration to combine my love of crop circle patterns with my love of clay.  The result is a new Etsy shop called "CropCircleClay"  The first batch of pots came of the kiln this past Sunday and I'd love to share a few of them with you!  There are really "Earthy" ones with the green agate (matte) glaze with dark chocolate on the inside, robin's egg blue/green glossy with light browns on the inside, and lilac and grape!  In the future, I'd like to have a glaze palette set so that I'd have some blues, greens, purples and browns.  This isn't as easy as it sounds because of working with the laser decals that create the crop circle patterns.  Each pot gets fired 3x and from the last high fire to the low fire for the decals, many great glazes go funky--especially on my dark brown clay. So, I've been doing lots of test tiles in the last few months!  Please keep tuned to my new Etsy Shop and I'll add more as I go!  Happy Spring!!


  1. Your Crop Circle Clay is fantastic. I think your new etsy store is going to be a big hit. My husband is already eyeing one of your mugs :)

  2. Outstanding lovely pieces~inspiration is a grand thing to have~as I said before the wait has been worth ii. I want the mug with the purple....

  3. Congrats on some amazing wares! I am in LOVE.