Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Musings

Yesterday was a gorgeous day!  Clear blue sky, white puffy clouds and a chill in the air.  After a week of early mid 70's temps, we had a thunderstorm  and now we're back to around 50 degrees.  Oh, well!  At least we had a fabulous warm Easter and our early flowers are up and blooming.  I've got both daffodils and tulips up and after the warm Easter weekend, all of the blooming trees popped!  I was outside taking pictures of my pottery and I couldn't help but take pictures of our gorgeous red bud tree!  With the deep blue sky and bright green grass as a background, I focused tight in on the buds.  WOW!  Love that pink!!  It's so invigorating after the Winter Slumber that I felt in January.  Mother Earth has come alive!  I'm even hearing some new bird songs that I never heard before.  (smile)...

1 comment:

  1. I feel drawn to take photos of the beauty of nature as well... I feel that nature is so inspiring for creativity. Even if the pieces are not nature themed. The sun, flowers, birds... all make me want to create!
    Thanks for sharing the redbud flowers!