Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where has 2012 gone?

Oh my goodness!  Where has this year gone?  WOW!  It's flown by and now I find myself mid-way through August already.  Teachers and students are getting ready to go 'back to school' this week and its been pretty busy in our store.  I've been busy in the studio too, working on a wholesale order and lots of custom orders this summer.  Below are mugs in the process of being glazed for my wholesale order.
Also creating more ceramic travel mugs and I just ordered more lids! After wholesale order is complete, I'll start making some completed ones for my shop so they'll be 'ready to ship.

Some new earrings...

 New ceramic beads...

 And new pendants with brown leather rounded cord..

Also created a new themed mug in Honor of Mother Earth and all that she's going through with our planetary ascension.  It's called "Love Our Mother."  Hope to get more of these made too!  This was my prototype.  I designed the logo and had a stamp made.

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  1. Hi Diana! I noticed that once I hit 40, that time started *flying* by...

    I love your new work. I'll bet your travel mugs will be a big seller as holiday gifts. It's a good thing that you ordered more lids!