Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kristen's Fountain Update

Hello! Happy Holiday Weekend to everyone! You might remember a picture of a bowl with a carved rim that I posted awhile ago. I said it was for a fountain that I was making for my girlfriend. All the pieces of this fountain were finally dry enough to bisque fire, so I heated up the kiln yesterday. Here are pictures of this fountain as they look bisque fired. I'm going to glaze them this weekend and hopefully fire on Monday!

Kristen loves birds, so I added a stylized birdie to the fountainhead. This is why it took so long to dry, I didn't want the bird to blow up in the firing! So far, so good!
Now, the last glaze fire I did over-fired and ruined alot of pieces, so I'm a bit nervous this time around! But, the bisque fire was text-book, so I'm hoping that the problem was fixed. I still need to sculpt a kiln-goddess!

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