Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lotus Zen Fountain update

Last night after work and dinner I was feeling very tired (typical for Monday), so I didn't get very much done in the studio. I did managed to prep 5 smaller petals for the inner layer of my Lotus though. Then covered them with plastic to firm up a bit. They can't dry too much or they would crack when I attach them. Then I went inside and watched PBS' "Mystery" movie which featured Kenneth Branaugh. Haven't seen him in awhile and it was very good! Loved the music.

Today I attached these petals! (see pictures) Now I've got it covered up again. I'm debating on whether or not I need to add any more petals. I'll let this sit and stew in my mind awhile as it dries slowly.

Next I need to get the bowl and "stand" for the lily pad leaf thrown! This will have to wait another day as I have a meeting with the Troy Arts Alliance tonight.

1 comment:

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