Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dogs make the world go 'round!

Terry and I don't have any children--yet. But, we're both animal people and can't imagine our lives without our dogs! We currently have 2 canine companions: Quee and Buddy. (Quee is sitting the wheelbarrow at the right and Queg is sitting on the ground in front of the wheelbarrow). Queg died suddenly last Fall from cancer on a Friday afternoon. That weekend, Terry and I wished we had died also. It was like losing a son. Can't say anymore than that, but I still miss him like crazy. Queg LOVED tennis balls! He would fetch the ball so many times that my arm hurt. Last Spring I was reading the last Harry Potter book outside in my Adirondak chair that my husband Terry made. I think I threw the tennis ball for Queg the entire time that I read that book! Queg was PURE JOY. He showed us how to live in pure joy in the moment. Quee is still with us and is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. She is an excellent hunter and guard dog and has a very deep bark! She's 10 now and in her younger years she could have been a Dock Dog because she's a leaper! She is PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! She's always right by my side in the studio and all around the house.

Buddy is a bit over 2 years old and still thinks he is a puppy. :-) He is incredibly lovable and happy. He makes us laugh everyday! Remember when you were a kid and loved playing with empty boxes? Well, Buddy STILL loves to play with boxes! Pizza boxes, clay boxes and even empty 2 liter pop bottles are his favorites! We adopted Buddy last Fall a few months after our wonderful dog Queg died. We're so happy that we did because he is such a clown. We lovingly call him our big doofus! He also howls to the emergency vehicles (ambulance, fire trucks) when they pass near our home!

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