Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome and a little bit about me...

Hello! As a bit of background, I'm a potter living in Ohio in the USA. I began taking pottery classes in NYC in the mid-90's and was hooked. I lived in NYC for about 15 years and loved it. I miss it alot. Since then I've taken workshops, taught pottery classes for adults and kids, sold my work at shops and art shows--all with a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature. Hey, I didn't touch clay until my mid 30's so it's never too late to try something new!

I began creating table top water fountains about two years ago. I was going through a phase of making really big bowls. When preparing for a Christmas show, I thought: "Hey, I'll bring my fountain from home to show people what they can do with my big bowls". So, I did! Well, this one lady got really peeved at me because I wouldn't sell her my fountain! It really made me angry at first! I tried to explain to her that it was my personal fountain which contained my onyx dolphin that I got in Sedona, a huge quartz crystal from NYC, etc. She didn't care, she just wanted my fountain. I should have just given her an outrageous price and been done with it. Well, that aggrevating woman propelled me into my next phase--creating one-of-a-kind fountains. (I guess I should thank her but I don't know her name).

Since Fall of 2006 I have been coming up with many variations on the fountain design. It's a constant quest to create new ways to let the water flow without the splash--and of course getting a great sound! Some fountains are loud and some are softer, like a trickling creek. Please see my website for more pictures...

In this blog I'll post pictures of new works as they come out of the kiln. I was also thinking of discussing things that inspire me. Symbols, shapes, colors, Mother Nature, and sounds are all important to me. I'll make notes on pieces so you can take a peek into my creative process. It's not really a "process" for me because that implies that you take action. Instead, it's a letting go, disassociating and disconnecting. My music and my dogs are the only distractions that I'll allow in my studio. That helps me go into my own little world and then time flies! Then it's play time! :-)

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