Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Testing glazes is part of the process...

For those who aren't for all intents and purposes obsessed with creating with clay, you might not realize all the agonizing decisions that we potters have to make.  We are blessed to live in this time where there are literally thousands of glazes to chose from--especially those of us who buy commercial glazes!  But, every glaze looks different fired on various clays and in different kilns.  A glaze will even look different on pots within the same kiln!    So, glaze testing is an on-going process for potters.  Here are some pictures of some of my recent tests.

The KICKER is that to use my new LASER DECALS, I have to fire my pots 3x--taking them from a high fire cone 5 or 6 to a low fire cone 04.  This is disaster for some glazes, and I have to know what this will do to my glazes and my precious pots!!  It's such a heartbreak to be happy with a pot and then have it ruined in the glaze fire!


  1. Good luck and have fun finding the perfect glazes! I like your new CropCircle pots and shop!

  2. Great colors Diana! I've been testing glazes too... It's what we do in the winter... Love your new work w/ the crop circles decals!

  3. Great test tiles! You're inspiring me to play and see what different results can occur!