Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year - New World - New Life - New Age

Happy New Year!!  Today is actually the new Lunar Year, the Chinese New Year--Year of the Dragon and the New Moon!  That's a whole heck of alot of NEW energy flowing in today!  Well, I say bring it on!  Imagine what we want to create in our lives and Imagine the NEW WORLD that we want to live in!  I'm personally very psyched for 2012.  It's the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another.  And, if enough of us carry the LOVE vibration we can raise our frequency high enough to carry all of us into the New Golden Age. Today is also the official jump start of the Age of Aquarius!  Finally!  Don't know about you all; but I've been waiting eons for this show to start and we have the front row seat.  Or the back stage pass, whichever you prefer. Lightworkers, Rainbow Warriors, Peace Keepers, Light Bearers, Star Seeds I'm talking about YOU!

It thrills me to no end to see the positive changes taking place in our world right NOW.  Occupy Wall St. or where-ever is one such example.  People speaking up, taking a stand for what they believe in.  Indigo Kids raising money to help their brothers and sisters in Africa get their own wells for clean water is another.  The rise of Volunteerism in our country; people helping others without looking for compensation. I'm talking about people volunteering at the local Food Co-Op, Tutoring Students, helping out at Habit For Humanity or the Red Cross; among thousands of other amazing causes!

Overall, the change in attitude is palpable.  For the better!!  Look around.  Maybe it's because we've just experienced a crazy few years of the world's economic system collapsing, including Wall Street bailouts while home-owners across the country lost their homes and/or jobs; add a healthy dose of earthquakes, tsunami's and other natural disasters--and you just can't take things for granted anymore.  We appreciate each other, our jobs, our homes, our local communities and our global communities we've created on the internet.  We want to re-use and recycle old items and turn them into something beautiful!  Artists do this everyday.  Communities are doing this on  Why throw out something that someone else can use?  Keep the landfills empty and help out your neighbor!

The world is small.  Those of us who interact on the net have friends all over the world.  We communicate on FB and share videos on YouTube.  We have the same needs and concerns.  We all want to be loved and live a happy life.  No enemies here.  Different viewpoints, yes.  But the same would just be boring, yes?  A variety of cultural flavors and colors makes our global human family rich, diverse and beautiful!

Let your light SHINE!  We are all here for a reason, we all have something unique to share. We each have something special to add to the whole.  Live from your heart and the New World will be born within us first, then will manifest all around us!  Namaste!